Albania: Meal Review

Since we picked relatively simple recipes for Albania, we made this a weeknight meal.

Albanian style salad

This salad was simple and refreshing.  The bell pepper was especially crisp and tasty.  Although this seems to be a typical salad for the Mediterranean area, it is not too different from something I would find in an American restaurant.  Either way, it was a nice way to start the meal.


Byrek (spinach pie)

We enjoyed this dish.  It wasn’t quite hot enough when we ate, unfortunately.  This could be due to it cooling off while waiting for the main course to finish, or due to needing a few more minutes in the oven… either way, I had salad on my plate by the time I realized this, so microwaving was not an option. 😦  I have been enjoying this as a leftover and would consider making this again… you can’t really go wrong with Phyllo dough and Feta cheese!


Tave Elbasani (lamb cooked in yogurt sauce)

As far as I know, this was my first time eating lamb.  I’m also not a fan of eggs… so this recipe was definitely out of my comfort zone.  The meat was pretty tender, lean, and tasty.  The yogurt sauce was thick and somewhat tart, but not too egg-ey.  Overall, the ratio of yogurt sauce to lamb was off–we had a lot of leftover yogurt sauce.  We enjoyed trying something different with this dish, but it wasn’t a favorite.  We probably won’t be making this one again.


The finished product:



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