I am starting to learn that the cuisine of many countries is just a fusion of the food of everyone who has occupied or passed through that region throughout history.  In the case of Albania, it started with the Berber people and also included Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, and eventually the French.  The national dish is couscous, so we had to include that in the meal planning.  We were excited about this country after having a delicious meal a couple years ago at an Algerian-American restaurant in Elkader, IA, called Schera’s.


This appetizer is a mixture of seasoned ground beef and onion with a little egg and cheese wrapped up in Phyllo dough and fried.  We enjoyed this appetizer at Schera’s.

Algerian Vegetables with Couscous:

Couscous was created by the Berber people and remains a popular food in Algeria.  The traditional way is not to boil it (as instructed on most couscous boxes I have seen), but to alternate steaming and tossing with water and oil until it is cooked.  The couscous is topped by a hot vegetable stew, which may or may not include meat.

Khobz el Dar (Semolina Bread):

This bread includes semolina flour, bread flour, sunflower oil, sugar, and yeast, and it is topped with sesame seeds.


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