Algeria: Khobz el Dar

Khobz el Dar (semolina bread)

We followed a recipe from for this bread.  We made a few mistakes along the way… but the bread seemed to recover and turn out decently.  We could not find Nigella seeds at our local grocery store, so we had to omit that ingredient.

We followed the instructions to form a dough:


The recipes for this bread all explain that adding flour only makes the dough more sticky, and that you should add a little water if it gets too sticky.  We followed these instructions during the 30 minute kneading period and generally had good success… until the time we added too much water.  It then turned into a liquidy goop.


We also discovered after putting it in the pan that we forgot the sunflower oil (so we took it out of the pan and kneaded in the oil), which may have been impacting the texture at this point.  We put it in the cake pan and let it sit to rise for a little while.


It rose a lot.


We attempted to clean up the spilled dough (batter??) and topped it with the egg yolk and sesame seeds (disregard the dough goop in the background of this photo…).


This went in a 350°F oven for 35 minutes and came out a lovely golden-brown color.



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