I have to admit, up until a week or so ago, I did not know that a country named Andorra exists. When I heard the name, I was vaguely reminded of something out of a Star Trek episode (possibly the Andorians??). As it turns out, Andorra is actually a small, mountainous country (181 sq. miles) of just under 70,000 people that is landlocked between France and Spain.


The best part about researching food for this country is that I stumbled upon a lot of blogs from other people on a similar mission to cook food from around the world! It seems that everyone struggles to come up with recipes when they get to Andorra. I enjoyed seeing what meals they selected for the countries we have done so far, and I will be adding a few of them to my reading list.

The most common food to come up in my searches is a peasant’s stew called Escudella. It is a hearty stew with meatballs, other cuts of meat, beans, cabbage, and vegetables. It is typically cooked with other animal parts… I saw recipes with everything from chicken feet to pig snouts. We were originally planning to make this, but we just couldn’t get excited about the recipe.

Instead, we planned a meal with the following dishes:

Trout fishing is common in Andorra, so naturally it has worked its way into the cuisine. We will be frying lightly breaded trout filets, then toping them with parsley, garlic, and prosciutto.

This side dish looks like a combination of hash browns and a big, fat pancake. The main ingredients are potatoes, cabbage, and bacon.

Spinach salad
This salad includes cooked spinach, raisins, and pine nuts.

Pa amb tomaquet
This side of bread sounds simple but tasty. It is toasted bread with tomato and garlic smeared on top, the drizzled with olive oil and salt.

Sadly, our plans to cook Andorran food tonight were foiled when we learned that our grocery store only had one trout filet left. 😦 I called two other local grocery stores, but neither of them had it either. Substituting a different type of fish didn’t seem right, so we wait. Friday it is!


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