Next in our agenda is the African country of Angola!


Angolan food is heavily influenced from its time as a Portuguese colony.  We will be making three dishes:

Calulu de Pixe

This dish combines fish, hot pepper, okra, tomatoes, palm oil, and more.  I saw many variations of this dish with dry vs. fresh fish, chicken instead of fish, different cooking methods, etc.  Seafood, hot peppers, okra, and palm oil were recurring themes I saw in recipes, so this seemed like a good choice.


This is the staple starch of Angola.  It is made with cassava flour and water, and traditionally it is made by sitting on the flour and stirring the two ingredients together vigorously with a long stick.

Mamão con Vinho de Porto (Papaya with Port Wine Sauce)

I really wanted to make a dessert for this country, as I haven’t done a dessert since Afghanistan.  However, I read that Angolans aren’t big dessert eaters, and they will typically go for fresh fruit if they want something sweet.  Most of the Angolan dessert recipes really came from the Portuguese influence.  Papaya and Port were both introduced to Angola by the Portuguese.  One of the most common desserts I read about is Cocada Angolan, but I wasn’t getting excited about a coconut-based dessert.  Papaya with port sauce sounded like a light, simple alternative.


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