Angola: Calulu de Pixe

I found many similar recipes for this dish, but rather than merge them into our own recipe this time, I followed the Calulu de Pixe recipe from this website.  We weren’t entirely happy with how our last African dish turned out (Algerian Vegetables with Couscous), so we strictly followed a recipe this time.  We did scale the recipe to about 1/2… over 2 lbs of fish seemed like a lot.

We used about 1 lb of tilapia for the fish.  Since we bought frozen fish filets, we started by thawing the fish.  Then we made the marinade of lemon juice, garlic, and salt.


Then we mixed it with the fish and gave it 20 minutes to marinade.


Much like our Algerian meal, this dish called for lots of vegetables, including spinach, tomatoes, onions, okra, and pepper.  I saw references to Birds-eye peppers in other Angolan recipes, so we bought Thai peppers, which seem to be a different name for the same thing.  The recipe called for just one pepper, but in retrospect we should have used a couple more since it was not as flavorful as we expected.


The fish and vegetables were layered in a stockpot:


Then we poured the palm oil on top.  We have never encountered palm oil before, but it is weird stuff…


The recipe stated to add water at this point, but it didn’t say how much.  I added about 2 cups, thinking most of it would boil off (it didn’t).  I let this simmer for a while… probably 20 minutes or so.  I think it was a little overcooked by the end, due to the funge taking longer than expected.



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