Antigua and Barbuda

We finally made it across the Atlantic to the Caribbean! As usual, we had a hard time narrowing down the food options to pick a meal. I read about fungee and pepper pot, which was a little too similar to our disaster of a meal in Angola. I also read about ducana (a dumpling made of sweet potato, coconut, and several spices), which is typically served with a salted fish stew. I thought the ducana sounded good, but another fish and vegetable stew wasn’t appealing to us.

So we selected the following:

Curry Chicken Roti
This dish seems to be common throughout the Caribbean, and it looks tasty. The roti is a type of flat bread similar to a tortilla. It will be stuffed with curry flavored chicken and onions.

Rum Punch
Tyler has been itching to try a drink recipe, and what better place than the Caribbean? This is a classic drink of the Caribbean.

Flambéed Baked Bananas
This dessert involves bananas that are cooked in Carmelites brown sugar and spices, then topped with rum, which is then set on fire. Sounds tasty and fun.



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