Antigua and Barbuda: Curry Chicken with Roti

Our main dish for Antigua and Barbuda was curry chicken with roti.  I’m not sure it was the most authentic recipe out there, but we used this recipe from Emeril Lagasse.  It lined up with the photos and descriptions I saw for this dish in Antigua and Barbuda.  This recipe involved making our own curry powder, which was fun and smelled great.

My first step was to prepare the dough for the roti, as it was supposed to sit for 2 hours.  This was pretty straightforward… mix the flour and baking soda, then add water and oil, and then knead for five minutes.  My dough was very dry and crumbly, so I added a few extra tablespoons of water to get it to stick together.


This was rolled into six balls of dough then left to sit for two hours.


Meanwhile, I started getting out the spices for the curry powder!


I loved seeing all the different colors and patterns mixed together.


This went in a frying pan for a few minutes, until the spices were fragrant and starting to smoke.


Then the mixture was set out on a plate to cool.  It smelled wonderful.


Finally, we ground it in the mortar and pestle.


Next we started on the chicken.  It was left to marinate for 20 minutes in curry powder, vegetable oil, and salt.


Then this was browned in a large pan (we don’t own a dutch oven, so we used a deep skillet instead).


The next ingredients are the onion, garlic, ginger, thyme, and pepper:


This was all mixed together with the chicken, along with the chicken stock and coconut milk.


Over the next hour and a half, the liquid reduced somewhat.  The recipe called for bone-in chicken pieces, but we just used four chicken breasts instead.  We shredded the chicken in our stand mixer, then mixed it back in with the liquid.


Meanwhile, we rolled out the roti dough and cooked it on the griddle for a little under a minute on each side.


The finished product–curry chicken served in roti:



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