Cape Verde

So now that I’m five (soon to be six after we cook dinner in about an hour) countries behind, we are going to power through a few posts…

We cooked a meal from Cape Verde back in the middle of July.  This is another of those small countries about which I didn’t know much and for which I didn’t find a wealth of information and recipes.  We decided to make a large stew called catchupa, which is one of those recipes that every chef prepares differently and makes enough food to feed an army, a side dish (probably could have been a dessert) of avocados stuffed with dates and port), and a dessert of pudim de queijo or “cheese pudding.”


Catchupa (recipe)

The stew cooked for several hours with hominy corn, three types of beans, salt pork, sausage (I think I used kielbasa… sadly I couldn’t find chorizo with casing), cabbage, butternut squash, garlic, tomatoes, bay leaves, chicken bouillon, and olive oil.  Once it was done, the sausage was removed and sliced to be served separately.  Here’s what it looked like!


Avocado with Dates (recipe)

This one of those quick and simple recipes.  Cut the avocados in half, scoop out the contents, mix the contents with sugar, port, and chopped dates, then put that mixture back in the avocado skins/shells and refrigerate.



Pudim de Queijo (cheese pudding) (recipe)

This closest thing I can liken this too is cheesecake, but it was more egg-y and liquidy (I don’t think it was supposed to be as liquidy as it was, actually).  It used goat cheese, sugar, water, and eggs.  The bottom was a caramelized sugar crust.  It looked like this (like I said, runnier than it probably should have been):



The finished meal (minus dessert):


The stew was not bad, but it was not fantastic, either.  It seemed like it needed more beans or meat and some starch (we added crackers to leftovers).  We made this on a weekend when we were working on finishing our porch ceiling, so the idea was to have a lot of food available that was quick and easy to reheat.  The stuffed avocados were good.  They seemed like an odd side dish to go with the soup, but I did enjoy them.  The pudim de queijo was also very good.  Probably not a dessert I would frequently come back to, but I did enjoy it.


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